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    IFRS, US GAAP, FRS 102, UK Tax, VAT Training and Consultancy    

Training Services

We are specialists in financial training across a wide range of industry sectors. Based in the UK, we travel widely across the globe to meet our clients' needs.


We offer training in

  1. IFRS

  2. US GAAP

  3. UK GAAP (particularly FRS 102)

  4. UK taxation (including the implications of adopting IFRS and FRS 102)

  5. VAT

  6. Understanding accounts and accounting for non-finance staff

  7. Spreadsheet modelling

  8. Business strategy

  9. Management accounting (including activity based costing, budgeting and variance analysis)

  10. Financial management (including investment appraisal and project financing)


Our training is tailored to the precise needs of each client and we write case studies based on their real life issues to make the training experience as relevant and valuable as possible.




Consultancy Services

We can provide assistance and advice on all aspects of financial reporting and taxation.


Recent consultancy projects have included

  1. Reviewing the accounting policy manual for a large oil and gas company and advising on changes needed

  2. Providing VAT advice to accounting firms in relation to their clients' issues

  3. Advising a manufacturing company on their transition to new UK GAAP (FRS 102)

  4. Producing a spreadsheet for a UK stock-market listed company to automate the accounting and tax calculations for share-based payments and to create a journal template for upload into its accounting system

  5. Calculating exposure to UK capital gains tax on a residential property with convoluted ownership and occupation factors

  6. Providing advice on the correct application of US GAAP for a UK subsidiary of a US parent company

  7. Advising a large oil company on the benefits of a capital reduction and the mechanism to achive it





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